Store interior design - Americade Lviv

Our studio has already completed the repair and we are ready to share a wonderful result of work ☛ follow the link to see Photo of the interior of the store

Design of a store of goods from the USA Americade

Location: Lviv, Ukraine
Area: 28 sq.m
Style: urban

Modern interior design of the store with original goods from America, made by the Cult of Design team in an urban style.

We used national colors in furniture and decor and interpreted US symbols, which set the theme of the store and emphasizes the type of selling products. These are stars on the flag, as well as ribbons in the coloring of shelves, or the design of the rear walls of furniture.

Also, the wallpaper behind the grid and the reception and in the fitting room remind of one of the symbols of the big apple – skyscrapers.

The mesh and metal structures of the shelves, together with urban wallpaper, fill the store with the industry that customers wanted, and the color scheme, due to its richness, thanks to carefully placed accents, does not distract attention from the goods offered. A variety of light and lighting creates a special atmosphere of an industrial interior.

Americade store project – urban style interior design!

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