Design of show-room BLUM

Soft delicate shades, voluminous upholstery, rounded shapes and radiant shine of metal parts – in the BLUM showroom in Lviv from now on they know what a beautiful office with a stylish interior is!
When there is a need to equip office space together with the exhibition hall, the excitement does not leave all the time – is there enough space to accommodate furniture, arrange kitchen accessories, make room for the presentation of new products. In this project, it was also important to equip a classroom for seminars and conferences. Specialists of the CULT of Design design studio competently organized the interior of the showroom with an area of ​​271 m2, choosing a modern and contemporary style of contemporary style as the basis.

Showroom BLUM – a place where you want to stay to live!

Why among all the interior styles we chose Сontemporary Brand Style? This concept is the best suited for the design of the interior of the store. A lively and free reflection of modernity harmoniously combined with convenience and functionality. The interior in the style of Contemporary radiates the fragrance of freedom, because there are no limits and limitations. Easy balancing between strict hi-tech and laconic minimalism gives exactly the picture that best reflects the style of the BLUM company.
To better understand our design project, you need to figure out what is the show room of BLUM products?
Furniture for kitchens, wardrobes and other furniture BLUM is widely known as products that increase the comfort of using furniture in home and office spaces. BLUM’s concept is to turn any space into a pleasure! Based on this strategy, the designers of the CULT of Design studio have developed an interior design 3d that radiates coziness and comfort. We tried to avoid excessive severity, so that the showroom turned out to be warm and hospitable.

The overwhelming majority of exhibits at the showroom are metal products. It was possible to shade the cold luster of the metal and introduce heat into the room using the following techniques:
• Soft pastel shades. The predominance of beige and cream undertones looks, as always, a win-win! Small color inserts of green, brown, white colors play the role of contrasting accents;
• Furniture with three-dimensional embossed upholstery. Sofas, stools, and upholstered armchairs remind of home warmth and comfort;
• The abundance of light. Large central and small local lamps create a unique play of light, highlighting the exhibits allows you to see all the products in all its glory;
• Lack of sharp lines. Rounded backs of chairs and armchairs, ceiling lamps in the form of hemispheres, round coffee and coffee tables fit perfectly into the interior design of the kitchen in the style of contemporary;
• The repetition of arches in the interior is not new, but still an up-to-date option for kitchen planning in a modern interior.

Green plants planted in the corners, as well as the original alternation of different textures of materials, bring a lively mood to the atmosphere of peace and comfort.
For guests of the showroom, the most comfortable conditions have been created for viewing catalogs, choosing accessories, and studying photographs. Our stylists tried to tell a story of love for innovative technologies and impeccable quality of BLUM products!

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