Five-star hotel

This design combines classic ideas and modern geometric patterns

A mix of classic styles and modern geometric forms are the highlight of this 5-star hotel’s design. Diamond patterns are dominant in the design. They’re echoed on columns, the reception counter, ceilings, and floors. Bright colors add life to the design, and illuminated stones accent the walls.

Lobby bar: Diamond patterns are offset by wooden décor elements that add coziness to the space. A dark color scheme on the floor and lampshades separate the lobby bar from the reception area.
Restaurant: Diamond patterns in the restaurant interior visually connect it with the rest of the space. A fountain in the atrium is the centerpiece of the restaurant. Windows, lamps, and a glass dome fill the space with light. Ornate sconces adorned with six-meter-long crystal garlands decorate the restaurant’s columns. Golden mosaics on the base of the dome emphasize its richness. A buffet is placed nicely next to the modern fountain. Vertical gardens smartly hide the restaurant’s technical infrastructure. Patterns on the marble floor echo the motif of the hotel.
Pool: The hotel’s indoor pool is reminiscent of a beautiful lake. The floor tiles are designed to resemble a sandy beach, and mosaics on the columns depict reeds. Even the ceiling lights look like bubbles of air in the water. Custom lighting makes the ceiling feel airy and open.
A pool slide provides entertainment for hotel guests.
5-Star Hotel is proud to offer a presidential suite with three bedrooms.
Suite interior decor: Style – Art Deco. Walls are decorated with wooden panels and chrome elements. Walls and ceilings are in bright colors. Dark wooden frames embedded in the ceiling accentuate a dark floor. Diamond patterns continue to reinforce the hotel’s motif. They adorn the ceiling, kitchen wall, and carpeting.
The first bedroom is decorated with diamond shapes on the ceiling, carpeting, and mirrors on both sides of the bed. Velour gives a feeling of coziness and softness to the interior. A chair, bench, and mirror, all in blue, create a beautiful harmony with the chocolate-colored room.
Mustard-colored walls, light wooden panels, and dark brown floor and ceiling beams give the second bedroom a warm homey feeling. Diamond shapes on the ceiling and floor don’t let us forget that we are still in the same hotel. Gold-colored chandeliers and sconces add final polish to the motif.
The third bedroom is equipped with two separate beds. Diamond shapes are used in the decor as well. The color theme is pastel and warm. Dark floors add nice contrast.

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