Interior design of house in Lviv-Bryukhovichi

House design in Bryukhovichi

Location: Lviv-Bryukhovichi
Area: 222 m2
Objective: To develop the interior of the house in a modern European style.
Customers’ wishes: To create the most comfortable conditions in bright warm halftones for a family with adult children and grandchildren.
Designers: Natalia Boyko and Vladimir Mudrak

The luxury of English houses, the spaciousness and abundance of light in Scandinavia, and the cozy romantic Provence – is it possible to combine all this into one interior of the house? It’s easy if the specialists of the Cult of Design design studio take up the matter.

European-style house – the best atmosphere for relaxation and family gatherings.

The design project of a new large house in Bryukhovichi, Lviv region was developed for a large friendly family. The open floor plan of the ground floor made it possible to combine the kitchen and the living room, leaving a large amount of light in the room. The dining area is placed in the corner of the room, surrounded by high panoramic windows. Gathering at the table in the living room, you get the feeling of dining in the fresh air.

Living Room design
We supported the customer’s love for restrained colors, designing the house mainly in white and beige shades. However, without bright color accents could not do! Dark furniture details, bright decor in the form of paintings, multi-colored pillows on sofas and incredibly stylish bar stools upholstered in blue velvet bring the necessary dynamics and fresh mood to the interior design.
The key concept of home design is comfort. In the design of the living room, all the details correspond to this philosophy: it is pleasant to walk barefoot on the parquet flooring, a large corner sofa and comfortable armchairs are the best place for the whole family to relax. The room’s statues are given original wall decor in the form of volumetric panels and a designer chandelier that looks like an art object.

The dominant feature of kitchen design in a private house is a furniture set with glossy and glass facades. Furniture in a caramel shade visually increases the space and contrasts favorably with dark window openings, green plants and household appliances. The layout of the kitchen made it possible to make an additional exit to the garden through a glass door.

Corrugated wall panels, luxurious white entrance doors, discreet ceiling and floor design, a large mirror and art objects – all this is subject to the same style of the house. Premium materials and noble shades emphasize the status and wealth of home owners.

The modern interior design of the bedroom tends to minimalism, while maintaining the priority of comfort and a relaxed atmosphere in which there is a restoration of strength and energy after a hard working day. The parents’ bedroom is designed in milky gray tones, but not without interior features: a soft head of the bed, wall decor in the form of 3d panels, a ceiling chandelier with massive shades, paintings, wall lighting and mirrors – all this serves as a decoration for a stylish bedroom.

Children’s room
A riot of colors, diverse textures and materials reigns in the children’s room. The hinged design in the form of bookshelves located above the desk looks unusual. In the children’s bedroom, natural materials were used to the maximum, filling the space with fresh energy.

Bathrooms in the house are separate author’s developments of designers. A compact room can be both functional and aesthetic impeccable! Glass partitions, glossy tiles and plumbing fixtures in a matte finish harmoniously complement each other and create a cozy space.

The interior design of the house in Bryukhovichi does not contain trifles. Each detail, accessory and even accessories are subordinated to a single image of the entire room.
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