House in modern style

Private houses built outside the city, always admired

When it comes to luxurious house, first senses are delight and surprise. Indeed: is easy to remain indifferent seeing a refined interior? The variety of styles and ideas of modern home design gives interior designers a great space to implement creative ideas. Along with the aesthetics and style of the most important goals of the designer is the convenience and functionality of future housing. In the design of the building, our specialists design studio “Cult of Design” include all the features of the object – its location, lighting, types of windows, architecture.

Familiarity with building should start from ground floor. The area is not great, but good location furniture played a role. Walls are decorated with wooden paneling, and pictures just perfectly fit into the overall color. Lighting is extremely pleasant and it creates an atmosphere to relax. In the room there is a pool table and a couple of trainers and a comfortable sofa. In short, a true a room for rest.
The kitchen in the house is spacious, with modern and stylish furniture. Large windows provide excellent daylight. In the colors is dominated bright pastel colors. Originality hanging lamps and other decorative accessories make the kitchen aesthetically appealing.
In the living room are beautifully furnished and TV. There is a large table with chairs and a sofa. Many interesting decoration. “Heart” of living room – this is perhaps the fireplace. A great place to relax from everyday worries.
The bedroom in the house is not overloaded with lots of furniture and is very spacious. A cozy atmosphere provides a soft carpet, curtains and big long wall in a stylized pattern.

We pay attention to customer desires and possibilities and created a unique facility for life, planning and interior of many years will remain relevant. This is the main trend of modern home design – creating nest, reflecting the history of the family and the individual interests of each resident.

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