Interior design - home design in Chernivtsi. Author's design of the house.

Location: Lviv, Ukraine
Area: 269 sq.m
Stylistics: modern style

Comfortable dwelling is not a luxury, but a necessity. And the specialists of our company know how to make a modern and harmonious house design, which meets all the needs of the owners. If you bought a house and tried to independently create his interior, then you understand what kind of responsible work and how much strength you need to spend on it.

If you do not plan to devote to the selection of materials, the development of the project many days, it is worth ordering the design of the house with us. We suggest you familiarize yourself with the design of the house design in Chernivtsi, who fulfilled our designers.

Project Features

The interior of the house was created taking into account modern trends and wishes of the customer. We sought to make the situation not only comfortable and thoughtful, but also emphasize the status of the owner. The focus was decided to make on the conciseness, clarity of lines, functionality.

The house is two-story, spacious, designed for a large family. The first floor there is a living room, a wine room, two children’s rooms – for a boy and for a girl, master bedroom with a bathroom, a wine room, a guest bathroom, guestroom, main bathroom, kitchen, hallway and corridor, laundry, staircase. There is a dressing room.

The second floor is occupied by the library, the second living room, office, kitchen, dressing room and a corridor. Thus, the number of rooms and their purpose can be accommodated with the comfort of a family of 4-5 people and receive guests.

Living room design: harmonious and modern

The living room is very spacious. It was placed in it a modular sofa and a table, designed for 12 seats. It can also be decomposed and take at the same time up to 16 guests. In the corner there is a fireplace, which is specially selected for the interior, he has three transparent faces, which looks modern and unusual. The soft area of the living room is decorated with a bonsai tree.

The second living room is decorated in brown tones. A black sofa, a gray carpet, a lattice panel of the partition and the same panels, a table of two materials – wood and stone – organically complement each other. They contrasted perfectly with bright floor of the natural tree. Natural light into the room hits the window located in the roof. Under the ceiling, the design is mounted for the installation of lamps, which reminds of modern technologies.

Library Design, Cabinet

The same motifs found a continuation in the library. For zoning space, a lattice partition is used, which separates this room from the living room. The opposite wall has open shelves for books. In the corner it is conveniently placed upholstered furniture and coffee table. The interior complements the painting with animalistic motifs in black and white tones.

In the Cabinet, the central element becomes a desktop with curly edges, which repeats the same motifs as the table in the living room. In the immediate vicinity there are wardrobes, where you can accommodate all the necessary materials for work and creativity. The doors of cabinets are made of matte glass enclosed in a dark wood frame. Above the table is the lamp from the High-Tech tubes.

Kitchen design: no extra details

For the interior of the kitchen in a minimalist style, our designers chose natural and eco-friendly materials. A kitchen apron is provided to protect the walls of splashes. It is made of natural stone, like the dining table tabletop. In addition to practicality and durability, natural stone shows a good taste of the owners. The ceiling and walls are covered with a veneer panels.

Large flat tv pattern style decorates the wall. Satin rolets are integrated into the kitchen interior, and for the convenience of residents there are blinds that close huge windows to the floor. Prevailing colors – white and brown with gray. Kitchen set, large plafoons and white floor.

Children’s design: cozy and practical

The design of the boy for the boy was developed taking into account the requirements of practicality, functionality. Above the bed lay panels from cortex steel, there are bedside tables near the bed. This interior object is also made of stainless steel. The desktop in modern design allows you to create the necessary atmosphere for study. A bright accent is an neon sign that changes its color.

The girl’s room is decorated in bright colors, wall above the bed is decorated with plaster panels. Here they decided to move away from the general concept and picked up the plates, resembling clouds.

Bathroom design: exquisitely and unusual

The design of the main bathroom was performed with an emphasis on a separate bath, which the matte glass wall separates. Steel wall panels imitate the movement of water, a cosmetic mirror with backlit for makeup is located above the dressing table. In the bathroom bathroom – sink made of natural marble. This element of the interior looks very expensive.
In the guest bathroom preferred to another solution in the walls of the walls, there are vented panels for walls and ceiling. The highlight was the sink of a block of natural stone.

Wardrobe design: carefully thoughtful organization of space

The design of the wardrobe is designed in this way
To minimize spaces to optimally place all things. We picked up open racks with shelves, which are installed on a metal frame, and for jewelry and perfumery – retractable boxes. Related open racks are located in the laundry.
Doors in the wardrobe mirrored and disguised, not to disturb the total harmony.
Mirror elements are used in the corridor, where they are framed into bulk wooden panels. The wall with the imitation of the rock surface creates a logic transition to a wine room. The latter is equipped with its own cooling system.

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