Design of a spacious home

Spacious house design: restrained gamma, extravagant decoration, original mirrors

The design of the house, like a river, slowly flows from the bases and flashed in calm colors, then by stormy waves of unusual decor. Look at each photo more carefully than the previous one – try to see how filigree the designer worked. The restrained gamma, extravagant decoration, original mirrors and such a good inclination of gold, have done their thing – the interior beckons.

Fireplace in the living room, high windows, they give as much light, as many views. Laconic looks, next to the kitchen, a dining table, with a very original lamp above it. And you noticed a huge mirror and a picture – of course, maybe differently. Rest in front of a fire-burned fireplace with warm tea and no less warm talks – is there anything more attractive?

A calm bedroom, like a weighed lady, who carefully selected the color of her outfit. The photo shows that the room is equipped with a large dressing room, separated by a glass partition. The soft armchair and a small table stand on the way to the balcony. Apparently everybody dreams of waking up, to go out to the terrace or balcony and feel the sun’s rays and the fresh air fresh even with a frost.

In the office and the bathroom obviously prevails minimalism: clear forms, the absence of unnecessary objects, all functionally and aesthetically – everything like minimalism.
Noticed: do not there are “green corners” in every room, because clean air, “filtered by plants”, does not interfere with the house. The mansion looks incredible, you want to inspect it again and again, sit on each chair, “try the kitchen”, but even meticulously explore each room.

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