Design of a spacious house

Elegant style restrained classical interior in private house

Classics probably never dies. This is one of those styles that intuitive to many, there is no place of confusion and chaos, on the contrary, orderliness and, in a sense, prim elegance inherent in such premises. Classic style house determines not only the great taste of the owner, but also his social status and wealth. You can not draw with minimal building in this style, because he loves luxury and wealth, expensive processing, solid wood furniture and elegant textiles.

Classic style house has the following features:
The peculiarity of the classical style is that it can change depending on the status and outlook of the owners. For example, the classic style of the house senior official certainly looks monumental, heavy with decent furniture, the colors, which includes deep and rich colors. The premises of the owner of such rank by definition must be respectable. While Managers are more likely to formalize their apartment in a modern classical style, with dark, almost black furniture and comfortable sofas.

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