Interior design in a modern cottage in Bruhovel

Location: Lviv, Ukraine
Area: 269 sq.m
Stylistics: modern style

The project of a two-storey house in Bruhovel was developed by the interior design studio Cult Of Design, whose specialists are excellent at the magic of black. It was the monochrome shades and the natural wood color that were chosen as the main ones.
Working with large spaces is always a challenge and a pleasure for every designer! According to the customer’s idea, a spacious cottage with panoramic windows must look stylish and modern. The interior of the house should radiate a masculine character and be as comfortable as possible. That is why the interior design of a private house is dominated by dark cognac shades of wood, black metal, white and dark marble.
On the ground floor there is a kitchen-living room, a dining room, a corridor, and technical rooms (laundry room, storage room and garage). On the second floor, with a beautiful view from the window, there are 3 bedrooms, a dressing room and 2 bathrooms.

Interior design of a house in a modern style:
all facets of male charisma and identity

The modern interior in the interpretation of the designers of the studio Cult Of Design turned out to be contrasting and dynamic. Despite the predominance of dark undertones, the interior is soft and cozy. This balance was achieved thanks to whitewashed parquet flooring, white walls in the bedroom and living room, light furniture and accessories. The virtuoso play of light and shadow helped to make the space volumetric. Panoramic windows and a well-thought-out lighting system allow you to enjoy the bright rays of the sun, or create, if desired, an intimate setting with subdued light.
The design of the living room in a private house was based on a restrained combination of fashionable monochrome shades, filling the interior of the house with stylish pieces of furniture and accessories. Furniture, lamps and décor conform to clear geometric shapes, so they blend perfectly with each other.
In addition to the solid atmosphere, comfort and functionality reign in the living room. On the ground floor, every corner is thought out for a good rest after a busy day. The owner of the house likes to spend his free time with friends, playing board games. The luxurious corner sofa and coffee table were chosen especially for his hobby.
The layout of the kitchen allowed for a separate space for the dining room. A round table made of natural dark walnut, surrounded by soft armchairs, is set at the panoramic window to enjoy the beauty of nature and the first rays of the sun during your morning coffee. If dinner time coincides with sunset, it will add a special charm to the evening!

When designing the second floor, it was possible to accommodate three bedrooms. Each room features thoughtful design, elegant furnishings and incredibly stylish wall décor. In the room, combined with a bathroom, an original wall with round frosted glass resembling a rising moon serves as a partition. Here it was also possible to place an additional workplace by the window. In addition to the shower cabin, the bathroom has a separate bathroom. Dark tiles on the floor and walls create a mysterious twilight through which the light from the built-in lamps diffuses.
The decor of the walls deserves special attention. The studio’s designers have carefully selected art objects that look like an organic continuation of the wall. The storage area is ergonomically planned in the bedroom interior design. In addition to a spacious dressing room, a sliding wardrobe is installed, which visually merges with the decoration of the walls and floor.
Next to the dressing room there is a second bathroom, in which the main element is black and white. The designers of our studio managed to find the right “dosage” of black and white colors, select the original tiles and plumbing to get an excellent result! A harmonious blend of black and white, textures and materials is the secret to a stylish designer bathroom.

Author’s design project of a private house from the studio Cult Of Design

Are you planning to order a home interior design? Studio CULT OF DESIGN creates a cottage design project and takes care of all issues related to interior visualization and implementation of modern renovation. The client received a “turnkey house” in which all the conditions for a happy life are created! This is the principle behind the work of our studio and the entire team.
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