Interior design - author's project Urban Jungles - fine lines of modern style for a creative family

Location: Lviv, Ukraine
Area: 60 sq.m
Stylistics: modern style with art deco elements

With a competent layout of the apartment and professional design renovation, even in a small area it is possible to fit everything and even more! The owners of the duplex apartment dreamed of modern interior design with small extravagant and expressive solutions. The task was complicated by the corner roof, which visually concealed the free space.

The designers of the interior studio “Cult of Design” proposed to equip a combined living room and kitchen on the first floor of the apartment, to make a bedroom for parents on the second floor and to allocate a children’s area in it.

Despite the predominance of deep brown and bottle colors in the interior design, the apartment looks spacious and bright. This effect was achieved through the use of all types of lamps, and mirrors and glossy surfaces helped create the desired effect and emphasized the dynamics of light. At the request of customers, we have added a living garden to the living room. Green plants give a sense of unity with nature and bring a breath of freshness.

Interior design in a modern style: aesthetics, comfort and functionality

The living room-kitchen creates the impression of an open veranda in a country house. A corner roof with built-in windows presented an additional light source. A relaxation area with a huge sofa will allow the whole family to spend cozy evenings together, and it is also convenient to meet guests here!

The emphasis in interior design is made on the high quality of all elements. Ceiling and wall decoration, wooden flooring, furniture, bar counter – every detail deserves special attention. But the main thing is that the entire modern interior looks like a single whole and is conducive to comfortable living. Contrasting combinations of chocolate shade with gold, green and gray with light marble look unusual and expensive. The geometry of the walls disappears behind the asymmetrical ceiling, which gives the living room a special charm and mystery.

So that the staircase does not visually cut the space, it was decided to use wide glass railings. The library is compactly located along the stairs.
On the second floor, a sofa and a coffee table create a comfortable work area. In the bedroom, the intimate setting is enhanced by dark colors and a black and pink artwork. A small dressing room was organized near the luxurious double bed, shelves with clothes and shoes are hidden behind a sliding partition. The upper tier of the dressing room was transformed into a sleeping place for a child. There was enough space under the high ceilings to place the bed, and decorate the wall with shelves on which to lay out toys. Particular attention is paid to lighting effects. Built-in spotlights, a floor lamp, wall sconces revive the play of light, highlighting individual areas of the room.

A real work of art is the bathroom. The bathroom on the ground floor is mesmerizing with a combination of gray-brown undertones. The designers even ventured to decorate the wall decorated with brick patterned tiles with an Art Nouveau painting. The bathroom on the second floor is no less expressive. Dark, almost black glossy tiles reflect rays of light and water droplets, bathroom fixtures in traditional white color indicate the practicality and functionality of the interior.

It is always a special pleasure to cooperate with creative clients, since interior designers have the opportunity to show their full potential and offer unpopular, but such expressive author’s interior solutions.

Interior design studio “Cult of Design” will make your interior dreams come true! We will create a visualization of the project or carry out turnkey repairs in order to realize the most complex and unusual wishes of the customer!

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