Interior design of apartment in Ternopil

Apartment design for a modern girl – a competent combination of functionality and display of temperament

Location: Ternopil
Area: 84 sq.m

The story of creating an apartment design for a young woman began with her choice. The hostess was looking for a sunny, bright apartment in one of the new buildings of Ternopol. As a result, the choice was made in favor of 2-room apartments with spacious windows and high ceilings. In addition, the layout of the apartment was optimal, the existing configuration made it possible to logically distribute the available space.
The designers of the Cult of Design studio had a clear task – to make apartment renovation in a light modern style with a predominant predominance of pastel shades. Violet shades were used as bright contrasts, since this is the favorite color of the owner of the apartment.

84 square meters of happiness with city views.

Spacious and bright studio includes a living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and an elongated corridor. Designer apartment renovation often involves redevelopment, but in this apartment all rooms are separate and redevelopment was not required.

Living room

Caramel-beige halftones dominating the living room have a pleasant rest. Due to the presence of a large window, a sufficient amount of sunlight enters the room. The main design accent is a wall with an original art object. The design of the living room is not overloaded with decor, luxurious leather furniture, avant-garde lamps and coffee tables on an openwork stand serve as an elegant decoration of the room. Large green plants set off a monochrome setting and bring a touch of freshness.


In the design of the kitchen, it was possible to harmoniously combine warm natural materials and shiny high-tech surfaces of electrical appliances. A well-thought-out lighting system allows you to autonomously highlight individual areas or create bright daylight. The interior designers seemed to be able to dissolve the furniture in the kitchen space. The milk furniture set looks weightless and merges with light walls and floor coverings. The kitchen looks incredibly airy and spacious.


The design of the bedroom especially felt notes of lyrical mood. Laconic furniture in the style of minimalism in harmony with light walls and pendant lights on long legs. Thanks to the highlighting of individual areas in the room creates a romantic atmosphere.
Designers managed to realize an unusual idea – to allocate a place in the bedroom for two more areas: a working corner and a place to relax by the window. A workplace with a computer desk and a mirror is organized near the free wall. Behind the window screen was a cozy armchair and a miniature coffee table. It will be convenient to talk on the phone, read a book or drink morning coffee.


Bathroom design continues the single style concept of the entire interior design. The same neutral milky shades, white furniture and plumbing. Spectacular matte surfaces look incredibly stylish, and at the same time are practical.

The modern design of the apartment, done in pastel colors, creates a warm atmosphere of relaxation and positive. Thanks to the competent arrangement of furniture in the apartment, there is a feeling of free space. At the same time, the design project provides for many systems for storing things – this is a wardrobe in the hallway, and tall wardrobes and a chest of drawers in the bedroom and living room.
Beige halftones act soothingly, relax and relieve tension from the eyes, lead away from the bustle of the city. The interior design of the apartment is warm and inspires with its aesthetics.

When the repair in the apartment is carried out under the clear guidance of the specialists of the Cult of Design studio, every detail turns the housing into a place where you want to return more quickly after work or travel.
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