Interior design of apartment in “Magnolia”

Apartment design in the residential complex “Magnolia”
in the modern functionalism style

Location: Lviv
Area: 71 m2

The beautiful and functional interior of the apartment in everyday life is just as important as the clothes for a person. That is why the interior design of the apartment for a young couple in the residential complex “Magnolia” was decided to be fresh, light and bright at the same time.
For the design of a three-room apartment, warm pastel undertones were chosen with a small amount of rich accents that bring an atmosphere of lightness and positive. The predominance of beige, milky and cream shades in combination with glossy surfaces and a variety of lamps visually expands the space. The apartment looks spacious and bright at any time of the day, despite the large amount of furniture.

Personal comfort zone for each family member.

Most of the area is occupied by a combined living room with kitchen. Also there is a master bedroom, a children’s room, 2 bathrooms and a small corridor.
Already from the very beginning the positive energy of the apartment is fully felt. Light floor coverings and walls, glossy facades, expensive functional furniture – we will meet all this in every room.
The design of the hall is also suitable for cozy evenings with family, and for cheerful meetings with friends. Among the unusual items in the living room there is a luxurious blue corner sofa and an original coffee table on metal legs with a transparent tabletop. An interactive world map in monochrome shades was used to decorate a free wall. The customer personally initiated this decor at the design stage of the design. Conveniently, on the world map you can mark cities and countries that the young family has already visited.
The design of the kitchen in the apartment is thought out to the smallest detail: electrical appliances stand out against the background of white furniture, and the creative kitchen apron serves as a highlight and a real decoration.
The compact parental bedroom is filled with sunshine and looks spacious and voluminous. This effect was achieved thanks to the visual raising of the ceiling: high doors, wide skirting boards, and disguised ceiling eaves helped to solve this problem. Each interior detail complements the overall picture and is functionally significant: the wardrobe, shelves and bedside tables are designed in the same color scheme.
Another thing is the children’s room, in which a riot of colors, diverse textured materials and original planning solutions made it possible to design a room for the daughter of the owners in a stylish and unusual way. In the child’s room there is a complete workplace with a computer desk, a two-level bed, and places for storing clothes and household items. A well-thought-out lighting system, even on cloudy days, fills the space with light.
At the design stage of the interior design project 3d, it was decided to design the bathroom in white halftones. Making the repair of the apartment, the decision has changed a bit: a stylish white bathroom was diluted with black accents for brevity.

The main idea of ​​the project – the creation of an apartment design with a positive atmosphere and spring mood was achieved. An important step in the development of the interior design studio “CULT of Design” is the search for understanding with each customer. As a result of collective creativity and common efforts, the LCD “Magnolia” gave birth to a space that was quite harmonious for a family.
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