Interior design - design project MOYA KRAINA. Author's design of the apartment.

Modern interior of an apartment in the residential complex “Moya Kraina” – the author’s version for a creative customer

Location: Lviv, Ukraine
Area: 70 sq.m
Stylistics: brutal modern

The owner of a spacious studio apartment in the residential complex “Moya Kraina” came to the meeting with the designers of the studio Cult of Design prepared, immediately outlining his requirements and style. “The interior should be laconic, and at the same time original and charismatic,” he said. Well, the designers have made all their wishes come true.

Analyzing the plan of the apartment, the idea of preserving the open space was realized. With the help of zoning, partitions and furniture in the interior design of the apartment, it was possible to allocate space for the living room, bedroom, work area, kitchen and dining area.
The designers of Cult of Design, skillfully playing with halftones and textures, managed to create a dynamic interior with a pronounced character. Thanks to the author’s supervision, the apartment renovation was progressing smoothly and on time.

The design project of the apartment uses the favorite techniques of our interior designers: a combination of various materials, techniques and textures. Noble wood, marbled tiles, decorative plaster practically do not require additional decor.
Upon entering the apartment, you are greeted by the soft shimmer of marble and the reflections of a fire from the fireplace. The hallway area with a built-in wardrobe for outerwear is separated by a neat partition. The use of correct geometric shapes and natural browns, beige and truffle shades organizes room and zoning that are comfortable for the eyes. The atmosphere of home comfort instantly makes you switch from an active work rhythm to a relaxed home mode.

The design of the combined living room and kitchen is a combination of elegant brutality and modern practicality

In the heart of the apartment – the living room, there is a corner sofa that can easily accommodate a large group of guests. A small coffee table, TV and fireplace complete the seating area. The kitchen area begins right behind the sofa, decorated in rich dark chocolate and graphite shades. A small kitchen island performs several functions at once – a dining table and a work surface for cooking.
An original solution was a hanging bench installed instead of the usual chairs. The decoration of the kitchen is a decor that imitates brick laying, as well as an unimaginably stylish countertop made of natural stone. The designers worked diligently on a complex lighting system. Built-in lamps, ceiling chandeliers and panoramic windows all combine to create an incredible effect! Every centimeter in kitchen and living room design maintains a balance of aesthetics and functionality, while the apartment looks stylish in both daylight and evening lighting.

Home office – a cozy space to work at home

The home office has become an integral part of the interior of business people. The working area is a continuation of the kitchen and is separated by a high rack, on which it is convenient to place books, documents, disks and gadgets for work. At the request of the owner of the apartment, the home office was equipped with modern technical means: in addition to the computer desk and electronic devices, a wall for broadcasting from the projector was organized. For the first time, our craftsmen made a wall for a projector using special screen paints, and they coped with their task flawlessly!

Modern bedroom: modern in addition to minimalism

A small bedroom contains all the necessary details for relaxation and comfortable rest. In addition to the bed, we managed to put a cozy sofa in the room and realize a creative idea – to install a hanging chair, sitting on which you can enjoy the beauty of old Lviv from the window. Not only the light gray color of the design renovation helped to stretch the space and visually enlarge the bedroom, but also the built-in columns in the corners of the room and a panoramic window.


The highlight of the bathroom is the incredibly spectacular black matte tiles, which the interior designers decided to combine with dark gray marble-like tiles and a brick wall. It turned out to revive the bathroom and add shine to it using bronze elements: a sink, a heated towel rail and wall decor.

The interior of the apartment in the residential complex “Moya Kraina” became an example of how in one space the designers were able to combine notes of elegance, aristocracy and masculine character. With general restraint, the interior cannot be called cold. Thanks to carefully selected finishing materials, furniture and light, an atmosphere of tranquility and comfort reigns in the new apartment.

Ordering interior design for your new apartment is always exciting, because the customer cannot be sure that he will be understood correctly. Cooperating with professionals, our clients receive only the author’s exclusive interior design, which is devoid of strains and stereotypes. Our clients always have the opportunity to see the visualization of the interior in order to understand if the chosen style, layout solution and colors suit them.

The ability to hear the client, translate his wishes into reality and create a modern interior that matches the customer’s lifestyle is a difficult task that can be solved by the creative interior design studio Cult of Design.

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