Completed project of store “Americade” Lviv

At the stage of development of the store’s design project, customers expressed the wish that the design repair does not overshadow the products from the USA that will be sold here. The facade design of the store should attract new customers, but the interior of the room should cause interest...


Natural wooden kitchen

We have created easy atmosphere. Furniture made in color “hoarfrost”. We have added to the interior fresh accents.A mixture of sky-blue and gray created a new shade in our palette – “hoarfrost”. ...


Beauty salon “Lady M”

Salon create beauty and help relax. The main goal of any design of beauty salon – atmosphere of comfort and elegance. Interior impresses with beauty, aesthetics and successful combination of colors. In the salon felt particularly freshness and harmony. Chairs – our own authoring work by studio Cult of Design....


Apartment for family in Lviv

The team of our designers combined the aesthetic preferences of the customer with the functionality of the room. This time we paid attention to interesting shades that creates a cozy atmosphere and a stylish interior. We have decided to use only a few bright accents....


Hotel in a modern style

Hotel is located in the Carpathians and the doors are always open for tourists from different countries, the design of the hotel includes some elements of folk decoration, to show the beauty and tradition of our nation. The hotel is not only comfortable, but also brings aesthetic pleasure. The hotel’s...


Apartment in Avalon Inc.

Modern functionalism for the modern family....


Hotel in the Carpathians – 5* Stars


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