TOP 10 interior design trends 2020-2021

on 13/11/2020

One of the properties of fashion is its transience, and this is what gives us new trends every year. The change of fashion trends also affects the sphere of interior design. Experts from the Cult Of Design interior design studio will tell you how to make a stylish interior and what details to pay attention to.

  • Colors and shades

дизайн студии кухни и зала

Finally, white and beige began to lose ground. In the new season lovers of expressive juicy flowers rejoice. The design of apartments, houses, restaurants and hotels will include accessories, furniture and finishing in dark green, dark blue, black, burgundy colors. Complex nude, metallic shades, noble gray colors are popular. The beloved gray was replaced by a rich truffle shade in light and dark design.

проект гостинной с кухней

дизайн столовой с диваном

  • Eco-friendly materials

Attention to ecology has been riveted over the past few years, and eco-trends are not losing ground. When decorating houses and apartments, it is recommended to minimize the use of artificial synthetic materials. Wood, metal, glass, concrete, cork, rattan remain relevant.

стильный дизайн прихожей

прихожие в современном стиле фото

  • Green plants

Again, in the continuation of eco-trends, a fashion for a large number of indoor plants arose. Please note that we are not talking about exotic palms. Today, fresh flowers and trees from our latitudes are in trend. Designers originally use green plants to decorate the ceiling and walls, partitions and shelves, and even chandeliers and sconces. Moss compositions are relevant in the interior design of apartments and commercial establishments.

  • Geometry, regular shapes and asymmetry.

модный ремонт спальни

Clear lines and regular shapes are familiar to us since the days of minimalism and Scandinavia. In the new season, items of a round and hemispherical shape are welcome, which go well with the usual square, rhombus and triangle. Creative contrast asymmetry can make modern interior design sparkle with new facets.

дизайн спальни в черном цвете

дизайн красивой спальни

  • Furniture

Vintage furniture remains at the peak of popularity, some vintage pieces look good in a loft, minimalism or modern. There is no single trend in the furniture industry, but it is still worth paying attention to furniture on legs, beds with luxurious headboards, miniature chairs of original shapes. Natural wood furniture with metal, forged and glass elements will be a worthy decoration for an apartment, office or a stylish showroom. Not a single modern interior is complete without compact pieces of furniture, such as coffee and coffee tables, poufs, and banquets.

  • Matte shine

We have known matte surfaces since last season, when kitchens with matt fronts became relevant. In the new year, parquet and natural wooden floors, plumbing fixtures, lamps and sconces, household appliances, decor, door and window fittings are becoming matte.

  • Complex lighting system

A lot of attention has always been paid to lighting in the house. Today, lighting in an apartment must meet the criteria for ergonomics and energy efficiency. Smart smart and ice lamps, built-in and track lamps, lamps with warm and cold light – all this is relevant in home and office interiors. The central ceiling chandeliers have an elongated stem and a minimalist shade.

объединение туалета и ванной

красивый ремонт в ванной комнате

  • Diverse textures of materials

In a trend, finishing materials with a voluminous, embossed texture that create dynamics in space. Designers introduce various ideas to make the interior come to life. Ceramic tiles imitating wood or brick, porcelain stoneware, bulk plaster, concrete, textured panels – natural textures and natural rough surfaces that cause pleasant tactile sensations, are gaining more and more hearts in the world of interior design.

  • Decor

Separately, decorative elements are rarely used. To decorate the interior of an apartment, lamps of unusual shapes, art objects serving as a continuation of the wall design, plants, mirrors, facades are suitable.

обустройство маленькой гардеробной

  • Trend does not follow trends.

Stylists insist that each individual interior design should have an author’s vision and its own story. Combining different styles, textures, colors can help create your own unique design project!

Interior design trends are another fresh vision of beauty and harmony, comfort and functionality. How to order an interior design that will successfully combine your idea of beauty and fashion trends? It’s simple – just contact the Cult of Design interior design studio!

Cooperation with professional designers is beneficial from all sides: you get clear drawings and diagrams, an individual design project, selection of materials and furniture, as well as a guaranteed excellent result after renovation!

санузел в современном стиле 2

санузел в современном стиле

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