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    Your home is the place where you feel comfortable, cozy and safe. It’s where you spend your family time, bring up your children, and celebrate special occasions with friends and family. You make the most important decisions of your life at home. The history of your life happens here.

    Please look around. Do you feel cozy at home? Does your family enjoy the comfort they deserve? If not, “Cult of Design” will happily help you adjust your living space to be the home of your dreams.

    In our work we focus on three crucial things: the existing architecture, the needs and tastes of every member of the family, and the rhythm and lifestyle of the family. Pets get special attention too. Everybody will enjoy your new home.
    We have an integrated approach to interior design, which means that we offer you multiple options for space and floor planning. Every family member will have their own unique space, and all the rooms will harmoniously join together in one complete home.

    We will provide multiple designs in different styles for each room, so that you can choose the one that’s best for you. Professionals from “Cult of Design” will work with you to visualize cozy bedrooms, guest rooms, luxury bathrooms, stylish offices, or comfortable kitchens that fit your lifestyle. Every new project is custom crafted to suit your needs. You are a unique personality, so your home should be as unique as you are.

    Our goal is to make an interior you will fall in love with. We are here for you!